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As I type this…

The new site is being published – yeah!!

Go check it out.


I won’t be posting here again so please update your links.


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Brighton update.

FINALLY finished knitting Brighton from Knitty Spring 2008.

I tied up yarn joins (yes, I knot on a bag or anything else that will be heavily used) and wove in ends as best as possible in a lace pattern.

Yesterday I dug through my fabric stash and found these for the lining and pockets.

Still not sure about the handles but that will come to me once it’s together.

Off to wash and block!

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Another quick update

The girls finished the school year a few weeks ago. Mira will enter 4th grade in the fall and Arianna will be starting middle school.

We have been keeping busy with trips, visiting friends, and sunny days spent swimming at the beach whenever the weather allows. (sadly today will not be a beach day- rain, rain, rain!)

There were a few days spent in the mountains of Switzerland with some evening moments on the porch knitting Brighton.

Not a bad view to knit by.

And Brighton has been growing bigger each day.

It’s turning out quite nicely.

Also made a little skirt for Mira from the book sew what! SKIRTS. There are some very cute patterns in here and the authors give clear instructions for making any size. I’ll have to try one for me next. I love wearing skirts in the summer.

I made it to go with this little top

but I pulled her away from friends to try on the skirt so there was no way I was going to convince her to find the top to wear too. Some other time.

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New stuff coming

A few months back WordPress, my host, changed how things are done as far as posting and uploading videos and pics.


Most people love the new formatting so I’m sure it’s just me. I’m not trying to bash WordPress at all. It worked great for me for a long time but it’s time to move onward and upward.

So, a new site will be up and going on August 1 (fingers crossed). Watch here for the launch announcement and some fun new stuff happening by the beginning of September.

I’m still knitting, more and more these days. It’s the perfect thing for me to do at the beach while the girls play. Brighton is even moving along at a chipper little pace. It only took me 7″ to get the hang of the pattern – not sure what the mental block was on this one.

Oh, and I just got a new computer, a Mac. Love it but need to learn so much more about it!

I have been checking in on everyone and all of your fabulous projects. I’m jealous and inspired to do so much more.

Happy knitting!

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Moi! For possibly being the worst blogger last month.

Spring / summer hit here about 4 weeks ago and I just can’t spend time indoors when the weather first turns nice for the year. Every day has been around 70 and sunny. And despite gobs of sunscreen, I already have a heck of a tan going! I have planted just about all of my summer ‘garden’ and will hopefully get that finished up next week. I’ll take pictures when it’s all in.

And we’ve been off to other places as well. Honestly, I can’t remember if I mentioned the trip to Venice. Photos are here. We then went back to Italy to meet up with Andy at the end of a business trip in Bologna. Wow, fabulous city! The food is to die for. Really, a few weeks there and I would probably eat myself to death!

This shames our local meat market. And this was a smaller one and only a partial picture.

Plus there was fresh pasta everywhere.

Next time we drive to Italy I’m throwing a cooler in the trunk!

We only spent one night/day in Bologna, then headed to Florence. Very nice but I preferred Bologna- more quaint, not as touristy. And oh yes, we stopped at the Ferrari museum in between.

From here it was on to a hotel in Tuscany. I would just like to go on record saying that yes, Tuscany is everything you have imagined and then some! OMG! It’s heaven on earth!

Our hotel.

View from our room.

It was tough to leave but there was more to see. Can you guess where we went next?

Here’s a hint.

Just a short 20-30 minute drive away was the tiny little town of Pisa. I was surprised to see that the tower was really about all this town has going. Very small town, and you can see the tower above all else approaching from the county road.

This sight seeing isn’t always easy!

Just another 30 minutes was our final destination.

A hotel on the Mediterranian Sea. Wonderful way to wrap up the trip.

If you want to see all of the pictures you can go here.

Oh, and I did knit / have been knitting. Just not the bag I had planned. I need total silence for that pattern! Instead I started an Anny Blatt baby sweater for friends that just had a baby boy. Todays pics didn’t turn out, I’ll try again tomorrow. Lot’s of stockinette right now on little size 3 needles – loving it!

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Today I wove in the ends to this little top for Mira.

She’s in her pj’s now so I’ll have to get a picture of her wearing it tomorrow. It’s my own make-up, quick and easy, knit with the fabulous Super by Needful Yarns. Correction: It’s knit in New Cotton by Lang! Oops. It fits her perfectly and looks springy. I’m so very ready for spring.

Just need to pick out the right button from my stash tonight. THEN it will be DONE!

Thanks for the encouragement from everyone in getting back into the knitting swing. I really forgot how much I need/crave/thrive on this daily habit of creativity and creation.

I added a few more patterns to my Patterns For Sale collection. You must check out the Anny Blatt books! I almost hate to see them go even though I have a copy of them saved for myself. Yes, they are that great!!!! The cover sweater (the one with the chicken) is one I made for my daughter since we used to own chickens. I’ll have to snap of pic of her wearing that tomorrow, too.

Thanks to those who placed orders. I’ll be off to Die Post first thing in the morning!

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Disappearing Act

Sorry to have vanished for a few weeks, but I took a trip back home to visit family and friends. Even though I am most likely half a world away from everyone who reads this blog I just couldn’t take a chance with the “Hey I’m going away and my apartment will be empty for a few weeks…” post. Ya just never know who is watching what and waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

And on that note, a sincere appology to anyone who may have caught the VERY inappropriate comment posted yesterday. It was a bit of spam that slipped through the security here. I love WordPress as my blog host and tons of spam has been diverted, this was the first sneeky one that got through. Hope no one with sensitive eyes saw it.

The trip back to Michigan and Wisconsin was great, although you all could have been a little more accomadating with the weather! Good grief!!!! Snow and more snow topped off with an ice storm covered up by another 8 inches of snow!!! I had enough driving to do as it was, crummy weather didn’t really need to be the icing on the cake. But it was fun to catch up with family and friends and be back where everything is in English and a trip to the grocery store doesn’t lead to a stress headache. Oh and how I have missed Barnes and Noble!!! I could have devoured everything there and would have bought up half of the store if suitcase space had permitted.

But there was yarn to bring back, and patterns and books from the knitting shop that I had owned that closed down last fall. It was so hard to see everything “left over” since it brought back all of the happy memories of owning my own knitting shop and of all of the wonderful people I met there over those years. Yet it’s fun to see some of it again and to have a bit to knit with (I do hope to sell of some of it and will post photos of the yarn and patterns in the following weeks – super low prices, it just has to move on!) It also gives me renewed inspiration to continue pattern work and designing so that makes me happy.

For now I’m off to bed. Jet lag is not my friend.

Happy knitting – I look forward to catching up on your blogs!

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