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Brighton’s not looking so bright these days. Too much concentration for evening tv knitting or social knitting.


Funny thing is I can’t wait to finish it and use it. Someone come light a fire under me!

Anny Blatt baby sweater Pain d’epice is crawling along, too.

Back, Cream

This is one of the backs in seed stitch. The sweater is double layered. The inside will be blue in stockinette stitch.

Inside and Outside

Should be fabulous – when it’s done!

Kids are wrapping up school this week. Arianna will be graduating from 5th grade on Thursday! Next year she will be off to Middle School which is totally unbelievable. She can’t wait after visiting the middle school last week; meeting teachers, seeing lockers…. all of the ‘big’ stuff. We got her set up with a proper desk of her own a few weeks ago. She picked it out from IKEA and is so happy!

Ari\'s new desk

The rest of this week will be spent gathering last minute school stuff, baking school party treats (what to make? and ideas??) and trying to keep motivated during our endless rainy days.

Knitting, maybe.



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Strolling Along

Only a few more rows to go on the front panel of my baby sweater and then it’s seaming time – yipee! I suppose there is the button band and collar too, but that’s just finishing touches to me when it’s on something so small.


Yesterday we took a short drive down the lake and parked along the shore then walked along a boardwalk and into town.


It was gray and threating rain but rather warm for January, about 40 degrees. It’s suppose to hit 48 the next 2 days here!

There were birds and swans to feed along the way.


I love the swans! They are so tame and will walk right up to you for hand feeding. There may be a gentle nip on the shoes if they get impatient but that’s about all. Freaks the kids out a bit but I suppose the bird’s darn near as big as they are so it’s justified. Plus we once had an overly aggressive rooster and that memory is still a bit hard to shake.

Found this cute little store front down a side road.


The place was either closed or it was only an advertisement since there was a phone number in the window and the door led to a common hallway for several apartments.


It’s always difficult for me to discern between homes/apartments, shops, restaurants, Dr. offices, etc around here. I’m so used the obvious signs, arrows and lights from the states that draw you into places. My cat’s vet is in an apartment complex, on the first floor, and I was sure I was in the wrong place the first time when I entered the building with a woman carrying grocery bags. And my Dr. is in a building that houses a bank and restaurant on the first floor, apartments on the 2nd and 3rd, and he is on the top floor with one other specialized doctor. But the entrance doors from the hallway are the same as the rest of the building, the room layout is that of a liveable apartment but converted instead for reception, exam rooms and a waiting room. Very creepy the first time I went. Reminds me of the story (from 2, 3 yrs ago?) of a man claiming to be a gyno who rented a storage unit (in the states) and saw quite a few patients before being busted. My brain knows that this is how it is here, but still, it’s just not what I grew up with.


Tomorrow will be a quiet day with the kids back at school. Hopefully I’ll get the motivation to put away the rest of the christmas stuff and then seam up my little sweater. Really I’ll just be impressed to get up and out of bed at a reasonable time to get the kids off to school. We’ve taken full advantage of this 3 weeks off.


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Knitting the past few days has consisted of only a bit of stockinette stitch which will eventually be a baby sweater for some friends. So far, it’s fairly uninteresting to look at in pictures.


So, instead I’ll show you a few of the Christmas gifts I got from my husband and kids.


This sheep is so cute! He found it on a trip to the UK and somehow managed to get it past security and on the airplane – I would think it looks like a grenade passing through X-ray. I’m sure the bag got searched:)

He also brought back a piece of cake – crocheted!


I simply must figure out a way to knit one of these.

Off to get some more rows done before starting dinner.

Happy New Year and lots of happy knitting wishes!

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Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and didn’t have too much trouble with the snow and nasty weather.

I will admit, I’m very jealous of the white christmas in the midwest this year, especially since here in Switzerland we have nothing at our house except dense fog. Gray days and no sun start to wear me down, but we have been out and about and getting sun when we can


This picture was taken earlier this week at Flumserberg ski hill. Once we hit 5000 ft (it’s 1200 ft above sea level where we live, roughly) we were above the clouds and in clear blue skies and temps around 30 degrees.

So – so – so



There was about 4 ft of snow on the ground this day and it was perfect conditions for skiing – or so I am told 🙂 The day this was taken I was still swooshing the bunny hill with the little kids! It’s my first time skiing and quite honestly it scares the yarn scraps out of me, but when in Switzerland…

I am now proud to say that I have since had 1 day on the BIG hill. Took me forever to get down but I did it! quite a few times! and even rode the T-bar by myself! without falling off!


Yeah, my show-off kids can ride it in their sleep and they’ve been skiing as many times as I have, but I digress….


BTW: If you want to see more of my girls skiing and other family stuff you can go to my family blog yodeLaiho and follow the video links to my full YouTube account.

Christmas day we thought a 10 minute road trip up to the village of Horgenberg (Flums is 45 minutes away) would get us above the clouds, but instead it put us right in them.


None of the white is fallen snow, it’s all low clouds and freezing temps. Even better than snow since the roads stay cleaner.


Switzerland is covered in hundreds of miles of walking trails called Wanderwegs and it’s common to pass by country homes such as this


This was about the only bit of color we saw along our walk around the frozen lake.


Except for this, of course!


Kids and snow are a perfect match!

Speaking of kids, I just learned that my cousins 2 yr old has a thing for elephants so of course I had to make this

Elephante from Susan B. Anderson with a bit of a modification since anyone who knows of my crochet abilities knows that they are non-existant.

Here’s a start, it’s nearly done.



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This weather…


It’s for the birds!


Then again, I’m not sure even the birds like it, we sure don’t.

I just realized that in less than 2 weeks my girls are back to school so today was their day, and what did they want to do? Hit a big toy store in Zurich, of course! Can’t blame them, the place is 4 stories chock full of everything a kid could ever want.

Except a Power Pals Mega Store. That was the one thing they didn’t have, and of course the one thing we wanted.

But it was still a fun day. The train ride up took about 25 minutes, the boat ride back, just over and hour.


Rain or not it’s still the best way to travel around here.

While waiting for the boat we had a snack and the birds enjoyed some too.



I love birds, really love them! as long as they don’t get in my house, then for some unexplicable reason they scare the crap out of me, just ask my husband.

The girls and I got back home after 5 hours of uneventful shopping but still a fun day in all.

Oh yeah, I did knit on the boat ride back but realized I messed up so I’ll be ripping that back soon.

And I swatched something, only to find out that I am a bit (understatement of the year) short on yarn.

More on that sad story tomorrow.

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I have always had a thing for her styling, her designs, her yarns, her fitting of garments, her patterns in general so against my better judgement I have decided to start this for the IK Best of KAL.


I love the pattern, the cable, the shoulders, the yarn, I’m just not sure it’s me or will look right on me. I have wider shoulders by nature and as of late my waist and hips don’t do much for the rest of my body but damn I love this sweater.

So much that I look forward to fall and cool weather again.

(BTW, this pattern originally appeared in Interweave Knits Magazine
Spring 2004)

Damn that (talented) Debbie Bliss!

Hmmmm……Now to find the yarn. Not a much of a pale pink girl here, hopefully I’ll get a chance to look this week!

And BTW, don’t even get me started on the other stuff of her’s I would like to knit right now:)

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Well, I’m not sure what happened to yesterday but one thing’s for sure – there was no knitting!

Honestly I don’t know how I survived the day.

I did get my yarn balled and ready for something new.


So pretty, I can’t wait to cast on.

It took an amazing number of pictures to get one of just the yarn.


She is my constant companion whenever I’m at home.


And therefore this is what my desk always looks like


I swear I didn’t move her for this one. She is just knows when she’s not in the spotlight and quickly moves back into it!


Two quick errands then it’s time for some serious knitting!

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