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Photo shoot

Gosh this girl is going to be trouble in a few more years! She loves to look pretty, loves to dress up, and really loves when someone says she looks cute! Yikes.

Today we did a brief photo shoot to model the little green top. It looks so cute on her.

Close up of the arm and back ribbing.

And one more picture. Mira said this one “had to be added to show the pretty flowers and Steve (our cat).”

It was a quick and simple knit done on size 10 needles from the top down. I think the yarn is New Cotton by Lang but I need to look it up.

Later I went browsing patterns on Knitty since I hadn’t seen the new Spring 08 designs yet. I totally fell in love with Brighton and cast on in the evening. I have extra AArlan Valdivia yarn from a different project that I think will work perfectly. It’s 74% flax and 26% viskose and has some serious strength to it. Hopefully it will block well and show the lace pattern. Too lazy to try a swatch!

Brighton bag from Knitty.com

I had to rip out 4 rows already since I can’t follow something this “complicated” while watching a movie and drinking wine. Hopefully I won’t rip too much, the yarn doesn’t stand up to it very well.

Tomorrow I will have 6 hours on a train so I’m looking forward to getting most of it done. We’ll see how chatty the kids are.


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Dishcloth is done! It was fun to make and just the little knitting pick-me-up I needed. You can find the pattern on Knitting Memories’ blog.

My invite to Ravelry successfully came through, at last! Apparently I was first invited back in September and then again in December but I had never been able to locate the e-mail. I turned off spam blockers, checked the trash bins, etc, etc, but still couldn’t get it to arrive in my inbox. Well, 3 days sitting around sick with nothing else to do but hit the ‘refresh, send invite again’ button paid off. Looks like tons of fun once everything gets organized. Can’t wait to start on it!

You may remember me mentioning that I used to own a yarn shop. Not everything sold by the time we had to close the doors so I still have inventory left including patterns and, of course, YARN! I am desperate to clear the last of it out so now is your chance to get some great stuff and low prices. I would like to sell it the ‘old fashioned’ way to keep things simple for now. Therefore, I will not be able to take credit cards at this time and instead prefer a check in the mail. Hope you understand.

If you look at the top of this page, above the title photo, you will see a new tab called Patterns for Sale. Click on it to see what I have listed so far. This barely skims the surface of what I have but it takes time to sort and post and I had to start somewhere. Check daily to see new additions!

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True to my word I sat down Friday morning (took all of Thurs evening to decide on a pattern- such a huge decision!) to knit up the promised dishcloth. Both girls were sick with a nasty cold-cough-fever-achey thing so we decided to rent some movies off of iTunes to pass the time and I figured this would be the perfect time to sit, knit and keep an eye on them. (BTW, loved Meet the Robinsons!)

Wouldn’t you know it, about 3/4 of the way through my dishcloth I started getting that nasty feeling in my lungs and within a few more hours was totally laid out with the same thing. Yuk!

The entire weekend was spent lying down, coughing and moaning through the pain, with the girls by my side doing the same Saturday, and my dear husband catering to our every need. It’s now Monday afternoon and after having slept in until 11 today I’m beginning to come around. Thankfully the girls are both fine and even made it to school. My brain still isn’t fully functional and everytime I look at the dishcloth pattern I feel totally overwhelmed. I WANT to finish it but it seems like such a big job. Of course I’ve also been staring at my empty water glass for the last 15 minutes wondering how that’s going to get resolved.

Maybe I’ll just go back to bed. Another 14 hours of sleep should do the trick!

It’s a coffee cup. I’ll link the pattern as soon as I remember how.

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Spring Fever

The Christmas decorations are all down, the lights are packed away, the house looks a bit bare and cold without it all and now I can’t wait for summer! Winter can be done and over with and I want the snow to all go away. I miss the sun and beach, swimming and riding the boats between the towns along the lake. Even the kids bikes and scooters and balls and rollerblades cluttering the front porch are a sight I can’t wait to see again.

Fortunately we’ve been getting a bit of a treat here. It’s been nearly 50 degrees for the past 2 days and yesterday was sunny, bright and beautiful! I see it’s even warmer in areas of the mid-west. Wow, not typical January weather but certainly a welcome treat.

This just intensifies my nasty case of spring fever! I want hamburgers cooked on the grill, eating dinner on the back porch, watching the flowers grow.

But I know those days are still a long way off, so for now these will have to do.


They may not be growing, but they are multiplying!


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Knitting the past few days has consisted of only a bit of stockinette stitch which will eventually be a baby sweater for some friends. So far, it’s fairly uninteresting to look at in pictures.


So, instead I’ll show you a few of the Christmas gifts I got from my husband and kids.


This sheep is so cute! He found it on a trip to the UK and somehow managed to get it past security and on the airplane – I would think it looks like a grenade passing through X-ray. I’m sure the bag got searched:)

He also brought back a piece of cake – crocheted!


I simply must figure out a way to knit one of these.

Off to get some more rows done before starting dinner.

Happy New Year and lots of happy knitting wishes!

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Now he’s done!


And she’s happy!


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I’m a bit sad he’s done, since he was so much fun to make.


If you want the pattern, visit Susan B. Anderson’s blog . It’s a free pattern on the left.

You’ll notice one change from the original to mine – the ears.


It wasn’t until I reached this point in the pattern, after the legs, body and head were knit, that I realized the ears are crochet. I can’t crochet and gave up trying to learn long ago. If I work hard at it I can manage a single chain but the tension is awful and I need to have tons of time on my hands, for repeated ripping.

But I think the sewn ears are just as adorable.

Mira thinks he needs a tail, “Since all elephants have tails, mom!”


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