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Photo shoot

Gosh this girl is going to be trouble in a few more years! She loves to look pretty, loves to dress up, and really loves when someone says she looks cute! Yikes.

Today we did a brief photo shoot to model the little green top. It looks so cute on her.

Close up of the arm and back ribbing.

And one more picture. Mira said this one “had to be added to show the pretty flowers and Steve (our cat).”

It was a quick and simple knit done on size 10 needles from the top down. I think the yarn is New Cotton by Lang but I need to look it up.

Later I went browsing patterns on Knitty since I hadn’t seen the new Spring 08 designs yet. I totally fell in love with Brighton and cast on in the evening. I have extra AArlan Valdivia yarn from a different project that I think will work perfectly. It’s 74% flax and 26% viskose and has some serious strength to it. Hopefully it will block well and show the lace pattern. Too lazy to try a swatch!

Brighton bag from Knitty.com

I had to rip out 4 rows already since I can’t follow something this “complicated” while watching a movie and drinking wine. Hopefully I won’t rip too much, the yarn doesn’t stand up to it very well.

Tomorrow I will have 6 hours on a train so I’m looking forward to getting most of it done. We’ll see how chatty the kids are.


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Today I wove in the ends to this little top for Mira.

She’s in her pj’s now so I’ll have to get a picture of her wearing it tomorrow. It’s my own make-up, quick and easy, knit with the fabulous Super by Needful Yarns. Correction: It’s knit in New Cotton by Lang! Oops. It fits her perfectly and looks springy. I’m so very ready for spring.

Just need to pick out the right button from my stash tonight. THEN it will be DONE!

Thanks for the encouragement from everyone in getting back into the knitting swing. I really forgot how much I need/crave/thrive on this daily habit of creativity and creation.

I added a few more patterns to my Patterns For Sale collection. You must check out the Anny Blatt books! I almost hate to see them go even though I have a copy of them saved for myself. Yes, they are that great!!!! The cover sweater (the one with the chicken) is one I made for my daughter since we used to own chickens. I’ll have to snap of pic of her wearing that tomorrow, too.

Thanks to those who placed orders. I’ll be off to Die Post first thing in the morning!

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My little sweater is done, and between 3 trips to the school, two to the grocery store, one to the gas station, and one to my neighbors to watch her sick little boy while she ran out for a few minutes (oh, please don’t let me get the flu now, too!) this afternoon I finally managed to sneak in a few minutes to take pictures. Good grief, you would think this had been my first time with a camera if you saw all that I took! Below are the 2 best that I can show (out of nearly 30!!) What the heck?!??



At the rate this week has been going it may be a few more days until I re-shot and finalize the pattern.

Did I mention this is my own pattern? I don’t think I did! It’s what some would call a ‘seamless’ sweater although that is not really true. There is less seaming – only under arms and down sides – and it’s knit in one piece so it knits up very quickly!

I will post the patten for free once it gets a good solid proof reading and the layout is organized.

Do any of you write your own patterns? The idea, the shaping and the knitting are easy for me but I am terrible at writing it iall down a nice, readable order the first time through. I am the queen of cryptic notes and tally slashes placed somewhat randomly across multiple pages.

Think I’m kidding?


Nope, I’m not!

Oh yeah, that’s not the pattern for the little sweater, it’s for this.


Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow!

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I’m a bit sad he’s done, since he was so much fun to make.


If you want the pattern, visit Susan B. Anderson’s blog . It’s a free pattern on the left.

You’ll notice one change from the original to mine – the ears.


It wasn’t until I reached this point in the pattern, after the legs, body and head were knit, that I realized the ears are crochet. I can’t crochet and gave up trying to learn long ago. If I work hard at it I can manage a single chain but the tension is awful and I need to have tons of time on my hands, for repeated ripping.

But I think the sewn ears are just as adorable.

Mira thinks he needs a tail, “Since all elephants have tails, mom!”


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Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and didn’t have too much trouble with the snow and nasty weather.

I will admit, I’m very jealous of the white christmas in the midwest this year, especially since here in Switzerland we have nothing at our house except dense fog. Gray days and no sun start to wear me down, but we have been out and about and getting sun when we can


This picture was taken earlier this week at Flumserberg ski hill. Once we hit 5000 ft (it’s 1200 ft above sea level where we live, roughly) we were above the clouds and in clear blue skies and temps around 30 degrees.

So – so – so



There was about 4 ft of snow on the ground this day and it was perfect conditions for skiing – or so I am told 🙂 The day this was taken I was still swooshing the bunny hill with the little kids! It’s my first time skiing and quite honestly it scares the yarn scraps out of me, but when in Switzerland…

I am now proud to say that I have since had 1 day on the BIG hill. Took me forever to get down but I did it! quite a few times! and even rode the T-bar by myself! without falling off!


Yeah, my show-off kids can ride it in their sleep and they’ve been skiing as many times as I have, but I digress….


BTW: If you want to see more of my girls skiing and other family stuff you can go to my family blog yodeLaiho and follow the video links to my full YouTube account.

Christmas day we thought a 10 minute road trip up to the village of Horgenberg (Flums is 45 minutes away) would get us above the clouds, but instead it put us right in them.


None of the white is fallen snow, it’s all low clouds and freezing temps. Even better than snow since the roads stay cleaner.


Switzerland is covered in hundreds of miles of walking trails called Wanderwegs and it’s common to pass by country homes such as this


This was about the only bit of color we saw along our walk around the frozen lake.


Except for this, of course!


Kids and snow are a perfect match!

Speaking of kids, I just learned that my cousins 2 yr old has a thing for elephants so of course I had to make this

Elephante from Susan B. Anderson with a bit of a modification since anyone who knows of my crochet abilities knows that they are non-existant.

Here’s a start, it’s nearly done.



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New Camera

I have been knitting, honest, but I’ve also been playing with our new camera and getting the back patio set up for some casual dining which we will be able to take advantage of tomorrow (Aug 1st is to Switzerland what our 4th of July is back home.)

So here are some pictures of my knitting

Old Camera

New Camera


And table with knitting

Old Camera

New Camera

And herbs

Old Camera


New Camera

Can you tell the difference?

And this is without watching the instructional dvd that explains how to really use the new camera. Fabulous!

Mira has had a renewed interest in her knitting as well. She insisted on learning continental knitting a few days ago. I was knitting and she noticed something was ‘different’ and wanted to learn ‘that kind’ instead.

So off we go…

In through the front…

Scoop up the yarn…

Another stitch done…

Yeah! Good work!

Awesome knitting for a 7 yr old. It amazes me how well she picks up on this stuff.
Someday she’ll be teaching me new knitting techniques!

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All but the straps

Top is knit and seamed. Just need make and attach the straps.


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