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Brighton’s not looking so bright these days. Too much concentration for evening tv knitting or social knitting.


Funny thing is I can’t wait to finish it and use it. Someone come light a fire under me!

Anny Blatt baby sweater Pain d’epice is crawling along, too.

Back, Cream

This is one of the backs in seed stitch. The sweater is double layered. The inside will be blue in stockinette stitch.

Inside and Outside

Should be fabulous – when it’s done!

Kids are wrapping up school this week. Arianna will be graduating from 5th grade on Thursday! Next year she will be off to Middle School which is totally unbelievable. She can’t wait after visiting the middle school last week; meeting teachers, seeing lockers…. all of the ‘big’ stuff. We got her set up with a proper desk of her own a few weeks ago. She picked it out from IKEA and is so happy!

Ari\'s new desk

The rest of this week will be spent gathering last minute school stuff, baking school party treats (what to make? and ideas??) and trying to keep motivated during our endless rainy days.

Knitting, maybe.



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My little sweater is done, and between 3 trips to the school, two to the grocery store, one to the gas station, and one to my neighbors to watch her sick little boy while she ran out for a few minutes (oh, please don’t let me get the flu now, too!) this afternoon I finally managed to sneak in a few minutes to take pictures. Good grief, you would think this had been my first time with a camera if you saw all that I took! Below are the 2 best that I can show (out of nearly 30!!) What the heck?!??



At the rate this week has been going it may be a few more days until I re-shot and finalize the pattern.

Did I mention this is my own pattern? I don’t think I did! It’s what some would call a ‘seamless’ sweater although that is not really true. There is less seaming – only under arms and down sides – and it’s knit in one piece so it knits up very quickly!

I will post the patten for free once it gets a good solid proof reading and the layout is organized.

Do any of you write your own patterns? The idea, the shaping and the knitting are easy for me but I am terrible at writing it iall down a nice, readable order the first time through. I am the queen of cryptic notes and tally slashes placed somewhat randomly across multiple pages.

Think I’m kidding?


Nope, I’m not!

Oh yeah, that’s not the pattern for the little sweater, it’s for this.


Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow!

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My stuff pales in comparison to this…


A fab friend who makes some awesome stuff, and we can all have a bit of it!!!

And another blog that I found in the past few weeks who’s owner has some great knits, yet the best of all creations is at her latest post…


Yeah!!!!!!!! and congrats to both!!!!!!!!

I am happy beyond words 🙂 I can’t even post an update that pales in comparison to these 😉

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So close, yet so far away…

I am about 20 minutes away from being finished with the little sweater, but it’s just not going to happen tonight, at least not with pretty pictures and all. Most likely the sewing will be wrapped up.

Ooh- And there is a scarf for Mira that I finished up this afternoon but hmmmm, she’s just been sent to bed, so no pictures tonight (remember, I’m 7-10 hours ahead of all you in the states)

So instead, I’ll leave you with some pictures from my day.

Flowers being stitched to the sweater this morning…



Tulips on my table… a true sign spring is on it’s way …



OMG, have you seen these?!???


It’s a slipper pattern in the February Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine. I don’t get a lot of magazines sent over here, but this is one of them. L O V E IT!

Need to sew tomorrow,

……………….need to sew tomorrow,

…………………………………..need to sew tomorrow



And if you have little girls/boys –
……..or a little girl still inside of you 🙂
………………….or a little girl/boy who will scissor cut anything and everything (not entirely missing that phase) they can get their hands on and if pretty and cute and special to start with all the better 😉

you will love the paper doll sheet that comes in each issue…



And here are my cats, rarely viewed together in a photo…


Macy, the black and white on the stool, ie ruler of all that walks below, is my 13 yr old kitty and totally MY cat. Loves me – tolerates the kids since they’re 1/2 me – loathes my husband because “I was here before he was damn it!!!” So you can only imagine her reaction to adopting/rescuing Stevie 2 yrs ago. She has learned to live with him although he is still very kitten-ish in behaviour, pouncing on her when she least expects it, even when she’s drinking or eating. It’s really quite funny – the upstairs has become his domain and the first floor hers, only messed up by the simple fact that each floor must be accessed to retreive food and litter box time. I had to post this picture since it is a true rarity to see them in the same frame at once 🙂

OK, last 10 minutes of embellishments on my little sweater, then it’s off to the neighbor’s for a drink – yeah, we have 2 American neighbors, F_I_N_A_L_L_Y !!!!!!!! What did I do in the first 6 months before they arrived??!??

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The proof is in the … sink?

I really am making progress on the little sweater.

Proof – and possibly the most unexciting blog picture ever – it’s in the sink for a quick washing soon to be followed by a bit of blocking.


The finishing of this little sweater is slower than expected since I started another sweater, one size down, same style and same yarn.

Sweater #2


There’s a reason for this silliness that will become aparent in the next few days, promise 🙂

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Would you just look at what is in my backyard today!!!


FLOWERS! Tiny little things, about 1 1/2 inches across, but FLOWERS! There are 8 of them and it just better not snow now, or I’ll have to be out there turning mismatched wine glasses into mini terrariums.

It was sunny and 50 again today so the knitting was minimal but the walking was in peak form! This weather won’t last so I have to get out and enjoy it while it lasts.

I finally seamed my little sweater.


Love the little cable edging!


Maybe I’ll get the collar started tonight, or maybe it will be a hood, not sure yet.

Tomorrows goal – update my site header/photo. Can’t seem to get a good one these days.

Have a happy Friday!

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Strolling Along

Only a few more rows to go on the front panel of my baby sweater and then it’s seaming time – yipee! I suppose there is the button band and collar too, but that’s just finishing touches to me when it’s on something so small.


Yesterday we took a short drive down the lake and parked along the shore then walked along a boardwalk and into town.


It was gray and threating rain but rather warm for January, about 40 degrees. It’s suppose to hit 48 the next 2 days here!

There were birds and swans to feed along the way.


I love the swans! They are so tame and will walk right up to you for hand feeding. There may be a gentle nip on the shoes if they get impatient but that’s about all. Freaks the kids out a bit but I suppose the bird’s darn near as big as they are so it’s justified. Plus we once had an overly aggressive rooster and that memory is still a bit hard to shake.

Found this cute little store front down a side road.


The place was either closed or it was only an advertisement since there was a phone number in the window and the door led to a common hallway for several apartments.


It’s always difficult for me to discern between homes/apartments, shops, restaurants, Dr. offices, etc around here. I’m so used the obvious signs, arrows and lights from the states that draw you into places. My cat’s vet is in an apartment complex, on the first floor, and I was sure I was in the wrong place the first time when I entered the building with a woman carrying grocery bags. And my Dr. is in a building that houses a bank and restaurant on the first floor, apartments on the 2nd and 3rd, and he is on the top floor with one other specialized doctor. But the entrance doors from the hallway are the same as the rest of the building, the room layout is that of a liveable apartment but converted instead for reception, exam rooms and a waiting room. Very creepy the first time I went. Reminds me of the story (from 2, 3 yrs ago?) of a man claiming to be a gyno who rented a storage unit (in the states) and saw quite a few patients before being busted. My brain knows that this is how it is here, but still, it’s just not what I grew up with.


Tomorrow will be a quiet day with the kids back at school. Hopefully I’ll get the motivation to put away the rest of the christmas stuff and then seam up my little sweater. Really I’ll just be impressed to get up and out of bed at a reasonable time to get the kids off to school. We’ve taken full advantage of this 3 weeks off.


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