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Disappearing Act

Sorry to have vanished for a few weeks, but I took a trip back home to visit family and friends. Even though I am most likely half a world away from everyone who reads this blog I just couldn’t take a chance with the “Hey I’m going away and my apartment will be empty for a few weeks…” post. Ya just never know who is watching what and waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

And on that note, a sincere appology to anyone who may have caught the VERY inappropriate comment posted yesterday. It was a bit of spam that slipped through the security here. I love WordPress as my blog host and tons of spam has been diverted, this was the first sneeky one that got through. Hope no one with sensitive eyes saw it.

The trip back to Michigan and Wisconsin was great, although you all could have been a little more accomadating with the weather! Good grief!!!! Snow and more snow topped off with an ice storm covered up by another 8 inches of snow!!! I had enough driving to do as it was, crummy weather didn’t really need to be the icing on the cake. But it was fun to catch up with family and friends and be back where everything is in English and a trip to the grocery store doesn’t lead to a stress headache. Oh and how I have missed Barnes and Noble!!! I could have devoured everything there and would have bought up half of the store if suitcase space had permitted.

But there was yarn to bring back, and patterns and books from the knitting shop that I had owned that closed down last fall. It was so hard to see everything “left over” since it brought back all of the happy memories of owning my own knitting shop and of all of the wonderful people I met there over those years. Yet it’s fun to see some of it again and to have a bit to knit with (I do hope to sell of some of it and will post photos of the yarn and patterns in the following weeks – super low prices, it just has to move on!) It also gives me renewed inspiration to continue pattern work and designing so that makes me happy.

For now I’m off to bed. Jet lag is not my friend.

Happy knitting – I look forward to catching up on your blogs!


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