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New Camera

I have been knitting, honest, but I’ve also been playing with our new camera and getting the back patio set up for some casual dining which we will be able to take advantage of tomorrow (Aug 1st is to Switzerland what our 4th of July is back home.)

So here are some pictures of my knitting

Old Camera

New Camera


And table with knitting

Old Camera

New Camera

And herbs

Old Camera


New Camera

Can you tell the difference?

And this is without watching the instructional dvd that explains how to really use the new camera. Fabulous!

Mira has had a renewed interest in her knitting as well. She insisted on learning continental knitting a few days ago. I was knitting and she noticed something was ‘different’ and wanted to learn ‘that kind’ instead.

So off we go…

In through the front…

Scoop up the yarn…

Another stitch done…

Yeah! Good work!

Awesome knitting for a 7 yr old. It amazes me how well she picks up on this stuff.
Someday she’ll be teaching me new knitting techniques!


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Maybe I’m a step or two behind but I just found out today that this book will be out in October of this year!


Love Interweave magazine and have quite a few issues stacked here and there around the house. Seriously, I think there are 4 next to my bed as we speak! Maybe more!

But this gets even better … they are starting a Knit-a-Long group for the projects in the book! Yeah!

The site has pics of all of the patterns featured and they encourage you to join in the fun even if you don’t buy the book but rely on past coveted issues (I know you have them, too!) and even if these are items you have already knit and want to share your own photos and stories.

There are so many things I have wanted to knit but never did. This seems like the time to start.

Love this sweater!


And this one but not sure if I could wear it – maybe.


Fun bag and big for so much stuff!


What is it about this one that just captivates me? Maybe because it’s simple and yet not boring or basic in any way. Fabulous example of shape and style making the garment, not fluffy, trendy yarn or the newest, wild technique. Just good, classic knitting.


And, bestill my heart…


I had yarn picked out for this once, wonder what I did with it???

So what do I knit first? Maybe a bag since my daughter is bugging me for a sweater to wear and I really don’t want 2 sweaters at once right now. Ok, 2 more sweaters right now! You caught me:)

Oh yeah, I did get a bit of knitting done today. We were off shopping most of the day. Very unsuccessful I might add, but a fun day none the less.

And we slipped into a pub this afternoon to catch the end of the Tour de France time trials. Yeah ****! No spoilers for those who have yet to watch in the US.

Manos is growing and will be well documented tomorrow as will Coachella. Hubby bought a new camera today which I may be able to pry away from him for a few minutes tomorrow. We should have plenty of extra photos from our planned Sunday hike above Zurich and the Zurich See which I hope to add to Flickr soon. I am so computer illiterate, Flickr still stresses me out but just stick with me, I’ll get it yet.

Happy knitting til tomorrow!

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Knitting Progress

Almost finished Coachella today! Unfortunately I was knitting on the go and didn’t have enough yarn with me. I thought the ball I had would be enough.


I love how the yarn looks knit up, so much texture! I haven’t tried it on recently so hopefully it is still fitting. Remember I am adjusting the pattern for size 7 needles.

Just because I didn’t have enough Coachella yarn with me doesn’t mean I didn’t have any yarn in my bag!

I cast on my Manos project yesterday evening, ripped back 3 inches to the yarn over row, and picked up from there today.


I’m doing my own pattern so there is bound to be plenty of ripping when things don’t look just perfect.

Such pretty yarn.

Oh yeah, this was all beach knitting time again. Can’t beat the view!


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Well, I’m not sure what happened to yesterday but one thing’s for sure – there was no knitting!

Honestly I don’t know how I survived the day.

I did get my yarn balled and ready for something new.


So pretty, I can’t wait to cast on.

It took an amazing number of pictures to get one of just the yarn.


She is my constant companion whenever I’m at home.


And therefore this is what my desk always looks like


I swear I didn’t move her for this one. She is just knows when she’s not in the spotlight and quickly moves back into it!


Two quick errands then it’s time for some serious knitting!

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But it appears the 5th attempt just might be it!


Coachella is cruising along on size 7 needles and it even seems to be a good fit after a quick try on where the pattern suggested.


My rewrite for the smaller needles has been a bit of an easy cheat. I am basically knitting a size bigger and added a few rows here and there to make up for the slightly shorter length. So far so good and I would never know it’s been tweaked!

If anyone is interested in detailed instructions on knitting this on a size 7 needle I would be happy to post it when I’m done and positive it all works out 🙂

In the meantime I have stumbled across this shameful piece of knitting.


It’s a lovely Manos of Uraguay yarn that I managed to make the absolute worst of a few years back. I decided to stretch the needle size up to a 10 (6mm) for a sweater pattern I wanted, mistake #1, then I knit it Continental style which was mistake #2 because this was my first project done in Continental style. I thought after one quickie lesson on the knitting style that I knew it all – he he! I didn’t understand that stitches mounted differently when knit flat compared to when knit in the round. I was told that you knit into the back of the stitch Continental, which you do if it’s stockinette and knit back and forth. Knit in the round (stockinette) you need to knit into the front of each stitch. But I was the ‘good’ student who knit into the back as told not paying any attention to what my knitting looked like.

In a nutshell, it looks like crap because every stitch is twisted and on top of that it’s so loose I would look like I was trying to pick up some business walking down the street in it.

But the yarn is so pretty that I decided to rip . . . and rip . . . . and . . . rrrrrrip.

Did I mention the sweater was nearly done?


I crudely put the yarn in hanks and hung it out in the rain last night to get the kinks out.

Today it is dry and looking beautiful again.


This will definately be the next project. What to make? What to make?

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Next project

Coachella! Love the design of this and after knitting something incredibly hot (to wear) I really need somthing summery.

Unfortunately, I have no new pics to show today like I had hoped.

The yarn I choose is giving me headaches because it won’t knit up to the gauge the lable suggested (which should have been perfect for Coachella).

I have ripped 4 times already and thought about rewriting the pattern to work for size 6 or 7 needles (instead of the 9’s it calls for) but I really had my heart set on a quick and simple knit so I may just double strand instead.

It’s time for dinner and then I will starting knitting and see where I can get by bedtime.

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After removing kitty from what she obviously and very wrongly considers her blanket, I was able to BO the sts on my Venus sweater.


This is what it looked like before seaming


And after!


Lovin it!


I wore it for the full minute it took the kids to snap a few pics. Now I can’t wait for the first chilly day!

Pattern: Venus, Knitscene Spring 2007

Knit up quickly on size 15 needles

Yarn: Reynolds Rapture wool and silk blend, heaven! Double stranded.

Yardage: Jill and I have had many conversations about this now. I didn’t use nearly what it called for. Roughly 250 yds less. (Double stranded, remember. That would be about 125 yds single stranded)

I knit the second from smallest size, but really it is falling between the 2nd & 3rd sizes. I may have knit a bit loose (I tend to on such big needles) plus the weight of the sweater is pulling it down a bit. I may need to close the neck just a bit over time.

Pattern was written perfectly, no problems, just don’t believe when they tell you that you can use straight needles. There is no way to fit that many sts on anything but circs.

Only other word of advice would be to pay special attention to where the Ridge pattern falls when doing the armhole increases and decreases. It doesn’t alway line up perfectly but by the time you have knit to that point it’s very easy to see what you need to do.


Can you guess what this is?


I’ll tell you tomorrow!

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