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Needed a quick fix / project and got inspired when I came across a box of fabric in the basement. I had planned to give a couple of these as gifts but may have a hard time convincing Mira of that – she’s a dolly girl!



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As mentioned below, I am totally in love with Extra yarn. It’s 100% merino and knits up like a dream. I’m currently working with it’s big sister Super

This sweater is working up quickly on such big needles, but the 85-90 degree days are making it a less than ideal project right now. I think with a few good days work I could get it wrapped up, at least the knitting part.

Maybe we’ll have rain.

I just can’t stay in when I can go out and look at these.


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Truely, I had planned to update my blog Monday but way too much time in the hot sun on Sunday led to a miserably sick day for me yesterday. I think it was just one of those days where no matter how much water I drank I was bound to end up dehydrated. Andy and I played in a tennis round robin match for 3 1/2 hours straight in the mid-day and then sat, ate and socialized for at least another hour, then went back to the courts for a bit longer to play with the kids. I had a thin white t-shirt on and even managed to sun burn my back right through the fabric! Yep, definately too much sun!

On to the knitting!

Lets see, what have I done in the past few weeks… Made a baby bunting from my all time fav yarn ‘Extra’. It just needs buttons and a bit of embellishing to be done. It has gotten a collar after this photo was taken.


Finished off most of my Rapture sweater but still can’t commit to a sleeve design. I originally thought I would work the same pattern as the bottom front/back, but I think it would feel too bulky. Possibly a 3/4 length. Maybe just a stockinette with the 3 colors used in some fashion. Or solid, but I only have enough of the blue to do a solid color and I’m not convinced of that. So it sits, marinating in my mind.

The girls asked if I would knit them each a little kitty! Sure, loved the idea of a quick, small project. Well, mistake #1, I let them pick out the yarn. kids-cats.jpg
Really, I had too for it to be theirs but I totally hate eyelash yarn of any kind. And the black and white one feels absolutely sticky in your hands after using it for a while.
But I knit away on these things with size 6dpn, putting stitches on holders for the legs, stuffing the head and body as I went, picking up each leg and working it on dpn as well. What a nightmare! And the best part of all???
You can’t even tell that it’s knit into anything with all of the wild ‘eyelashes”!!!!
This cat is Mira’s. I even tried trimming around the face and putting on eyes and a nose to help but I think I could have achieved the same overall look by simply pulling off the yarn label and knotting the ends together so it wouldn’t come unballed. Would have saved me many painful hours.
I don’t have a picture of Arianna’s cat who I have affectionately named Charlotte. It was made from the all black yarn and looks more like a 4 legged spider.

Oh well.

I was so happy to move on to something else and so I let Mira talk me into some yarn at the local Horgen shop (cuz I need more yarn!)
Very cute, very summery and very Mira!
Now, I knew the stuff looked a bit thin in the store but I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention to just how thin – size 3 needle thin to be exact. I was hoping this was going to be a quick project but I actually don’t mind the little needles.

I knitted a swatch.
Yep, I really did! I decided to make up my own pattern and took measurements from a tank that currently fits her. Did the math and found that I need to cast on 181 sts and began working bottom up in the round.

Now, things can’t be left simple can they? Nope! I tried several edging patterns from the Nicki Epstein book Knitting on the Edge and settled for the one called “Puff Point Bobbles” on pg 154.
Much cuter in person, of course.

Got past that and just continued to knit even to the arm holes, split for front and back and knit the front with the 2 straps, then went and picked up the stitches for the back. Here I worked 8 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing to pull it in a bit and give it some shape – worked perfectly for getting a good fit on her.

I bet you want to see pictures of it, don’t you?
First let me tell you that it fit really well which is always a relief when I do my own thing. (I know the math says it will fit, and I have all the faith in the world in math, but I still get a flip in my stomach when it’s being tried on for the first time. ) And I must say that she looks adorable in it and was just all smiles the first day she wore it to school. I didn’t get any pictures that day since it was a bit chilly and she wore something over it.

Still want to see pictures?
Ok, brace yourself, it’s such a proud moment for me!


Behold, Mira’s tank top…











See the cute colors?!? Notice the adorable bobble edging??!! Very nice strap, don’t you think?!!?
No? You can’t see it? That’s because I FELTED THE FLIPPING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m thinking that when Mira took her sweatshirt off the knit tank was stuck inside and the load of laundry was washed on warm and totally dried. I found it not even a third of it’s original size in the dryer:( Did I forget to mention it was 100% merino? Yep. And despite the nasty rumors, front load washers CAN and DO felt.

Now, I’m not new to this mothering thing. Mira has yet to see what happened to her tank so I decided that rather than only give her the bad news I would soften the blow a bit by making something cute from something so very bad and ugly. I cut it apart and stitched it into a small purse.

Sorry sweety:(

But I lined it!

More about the purse tomorrow.
For now I’m off to the school to work on story writing with 21 second graders – very fun!

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Still Knitting!

Really, I am!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here but of course I’m still getting plenty of knitting in. Monday I will post pictures of my recent projects and the 2 items I’m currently working on.

Sorry to be out of the loop. So much to share though, just need to get it off of the camera!

Good nite for now.

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