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Just discovered itunes and the ability to download tv shows! You don’t know what this means after 5 weeks with no tv, movies, much radio, kids that go to bed resonably early and a husband that travels a bit! I just caught up on the last 3 new episodes of Greys Anatomy and downloaded all of season one since I never really caught on to the series until season two.

Mindless and fabulous knitting awaits me tonight!


Should be able to finish it off! Can’t wait to wear it, but will miss knitting with this yarn. Oh well, I may just have to pick up more next month:)


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Market in Luzern

Last weekend we took a trip to the town of Luzern which is about a 40 drive from here. Absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite places to spend a day. We were fortunate enough to go on the first Saturday of the month when they have a craft market. I must say I’ve never seen a craft show of this quality! Everything was so unique, well made, and very current in design, absolutely nothing was tacky or slapped together quickly.

One lady was selling hand knit socks for only $12 a pair, but they were a very loose gauge.
There was a lady with a booth filled with needle felted projects. She objected to me a taking a picture of it all but I did sneak one from far off of this scarf.
Now, I’m not saying it’s something I would wear but I can appreciate the beauty of it’s design and the work that went into making it. She didn’t take any shortcuts and very slowly placed piece of roving next to another bit of roving and punched it by hand. There was no trimming but just careful shaping and I imagine many hours of work. I wish I could have taken a few more pics as she had some very weird gnome-troll-like things too. Hideous and something that would give a small child nightmares, but another very unique use of roving!

My favorite booth
All hand dyed silk! I picked up 2 skeins to make a summer weight scarf.
Had about 14 inches done last night and decided it was too wide so I ripped it back out and will start again today. Silk is just one of those yarns I don’t mind ripping back and reworking since it’s so wonderful to hold and knit with.

For a few more pictures of our day trip you can visit our family blog http://www.yodeLaiho.wordpress.com

Baby Sweater is done

Front of Rapture sweater
Quite wrinkled since Steve the cat seems to think I knit this just for him.
The back is nearly finished and then I need to figure out what I want for the sleeves. It’s a bit summery in color so I may go with a 3/4 length although those usually drive me crazy to wear.

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No pink for baby

Friends will be having a baby girl soon and I realized I needed to knit a little something pink. So off to the stash I go digging and digging deep into the still very unorganized piles only to realize that I have absolutely no pink yarn! How can that be, with all I have down there? Oh well, I now have an excuse to visit my local yarn shop.

I had stopped in the week before to check it out and found it to be quite cute although extremely small. They carry maybe 3 brands of yarn in all and it would be impossible to make anything larger than a baby item or scarf due to the number of skeins stocked per color, usually only 1. I was also dissapointed to see that most everything was a blend with acrylic. I don’t have anything against acrylic, I was just hoping to find something a bit more unique being in Europe. I know it’s out there and hope to find it soon!

Back to the local shop, I can’t go wrong since it’s only a 5 minute walk from my house and directly across the street from the main grocery shop! Love that! I went in search of pink and found some really cute yarns in 100% cotton. Mixed and matched 2 shades of pink and grabbed a lavendar ball as well for some accent.

Pretty aren’t they?

Colors are really a bit richer, too much sunshine in the room for a good pic today.

I was a bit surprised at two of the balls…um, skeins…no, not really either of those things.
What am I supposed to do with that thing???

Hesitated a bit then realized I had to wind it, gently, there was no other choice. Ever the optimist I grab my ball winder and went to work very slowly. Amazingly it wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and after about 1/2 hour of fussing I had a cute little ball of pink.

Now to start.

I wanted by own design so started playing around with stitch patterns. Came up with a very simple eyelet design adapted out of a Nicki Epstein book (Knitting Over the Edge) and began stitching.

You think I’d be a huge fan of the swatch, but I’m not. Rarely do I have the patience to spend time on it so I undoubtedly spend hours ripping back and beginning again. Somehow this seems more rational to me? This little pink sweater was no exception and after deciding the gauge was too loose I ripped out the 5″ I had done on the back reknit.

Now I’m quite happy with it!


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