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Ok, my new favorite yarn, Rapture by JCA Reynolds. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! It is half wool, half silk spun together ever so gently and put out in the most beautiful colors. I have a charcoal gray that I can’t wait to dive into, yet had to use the more spring/summer cool colors first.

This yarn is absolute butter in my hands. Ever so soft and supple, bit of a heavier gauge so bigger needles can be used which makes it perfect for a “quicker” project, breathable and did I mention soft? Absolute perfection. Oh, and to top it off, not ‘fuzzy’ or ‘messy’ if you need to rip it out 4 or 5 times. Still looks good as new.

This is what I have started on
Rapture Sweater
Just a snippet of my sweater, the bottom portion.

I am getting close to done but didn’t bring enough yarn. Well I did if I used mostly blue which was the original plan, but like most things these days, the plans changed. It’s been set aside until the rest of the cream makes it across the ocean, then I plan to have it finished within 48hours.

When it’s done the sweater will be sent to the shop for display and adequate fondling. The pattern is mine, and will be sized to fit many – promise.

Quick Pics…
Went to Zurich last weekend (and twice during the week) as it’s only 15 minutes away.
Downtown is filled with some of the most amazing shopping you could imagine, yet could never afford.
Just window shopping and seeing the buildings is enough for me.

The second building was from 1593, amazing, and isn’t the marble beautiful? That’s what we thought, too, and after half a dozen photos and utter amazement we moved in for a closer look – faux painting! I’m sure the locals were laughing at me, and rightly so, but the overall building was still beautiful and it’s very humbling to stand in front of something so old and wonder who else has walked these same cobblestone streets.


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